Laminted Toughened Safety Glass

Laminated Toughened Safety Glass

Toughened or Tempered Glass is characterised by breaking into fragments. This tempered or tensioned property enables the glass to provide a safer and more endurable product than ordinary float glass.

Toughened glass withstands 5 times more impact before shattering, together with a higher tolerance to increased temperature. If it should shatter, the fragments pose a much-reduced danger to the user, making it an ideal product for use in many hazardous places, such as doors, corridors, low glazing, furniture and balustrades, to name but a few, in both commercial and domestic applications.

First Glass has been tempering glass since 2002, and together with our glass processing equipment, is well equipped to accommodate most requirements given to us.

We can temper sizes up to 1750 x 3650 and thickness from 4mm through to 19mm, to the BS Standard of 6206 Class A and EN 12150.

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