Single Rebate & Double Rebate Doors

The Palladio Door Collection Double Rebate

Most doors are single rebate as standard and may have the option to upgrade, at an extra cost, to double rebate. 

All our Palladio Composite Doors are double rebated as standard which means you get a premium feature at no extra cost. 

So what does double rebate mean? 

Firstly, a rebate is a groove which is cut or channelled out of the edge of a door frame allowing the frame and the door to interlock together providing a snug, air tight fit. 

Double Rebate simply means a door frame with two grooves and a door with two seals where one seal makes contact externally and one makes contact internally with the door and frame. Whereas, single rebated door frames have only one groove and door with one seal.  

Double rebated doors are significantly thicker than single rebated doors and this extra thickness creates sufficient space to allow for triple glazing, which is also standard with our Palladio Composite Doors. 

The benefit of double rebated triple glazed Palladio Composite Doors include:

  • Excellent draught proofing
  • Tough and resistant to extreme weather conditions
  • Improved u-values providing better energy efficiency
  • Enhanced security 
Palladio Composite Door 12 Year Guarantee

“Palladio Composite Doors are strong, durable and last for years”

 If you are looking for a door that not only looks great but improves the warmth in your home and gives you peace of mind, the Palladio Door Collection has a door for you. Our competitively priced Palladio Composite Doors come in a range of styles and colours, are energy-efficient and secure by design and make a good investment to any home. 

The Palladio Door Collection U-Value Rating: 

  • Door body U Value – 0.205
  • Triple glazed U value – 1.1
  • Combined U value – 0.64 Solid Door U Value including frame – 0.85 / Glazed Door U Value including frame – 0.98

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